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Pastor's Heart Ministries



Pastor John Allen Newman is a well-known and much sought after preacher and teacher.  His delivery of the Message of the Gospel is comparable to none.  In fact, Pastor Newman has the ability to compel his listeners to a place where life is integrated with faith.  There, his analysis and application of the Scriptures help individuals become their best selves.  

Most recently, Pastor Newman joined other pastors and ministers in his City during a time of city unrest and entered into an area that housed the heart of problem.  While there, they began conversations and began to develop relationships with residents who, despite outward appearances, also wanted to work toward a solution.  With the promise of weekly meetings in the heart of the problem areas. Pastor Newman and others are convinced that change will come.

Pastor's Heart Ministries, the personal ministry of Pastor John Allen Newman, is the manner in which Pastor Newman reaches the community that he so diligently serves.  His is not only a pastor to The Mount, but a preacher and teacher to the people.  View a snippet of one of Pastor Newman's messages here.


To Visit the website of the Ministry of Pastor Newman visit
Pastor's Heart Page by Clicking Here: Pastor John Allen Newman


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