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We have all heard the statement that honesty is the best policy. Well, there are two things that I want to say about that. 

1.  It is true that we are called to be people of integrity and trust and therefore must always be people of truth. What concerns me though about this cliché is when it is used as an excuse to wound someone. There have been times when people have said some pretty cruel things and then, after witnessing the devastating impact on the one to whom it was said simply say, "well, I was just being honest". Well, perhaps they were, but truthfully, they were just being cruel is more like it.

2.  The second thing is that the scriptures teach that although we must be people of truth who speak the truth, it clearly teaches also that we must speak the truth "in love". It is not enough to just say what is true, but to say it in a way that the recipient absolutely knows that you unconditionally love them. 

How many times have you been guilty of only speaking what is true without any appreciation for the latter part of the text?  How many times have you been on the receiving end of someone who was only interested in the truth and not the compassion that is required of it.  We must always keep in mind that our role as believers is to compel others to become believers as well.  I'm sure you have heard that is often not what is said that causes the damage, but how it is said.  

Make up your mind today that you will speak to others as you desire to be spoken to.  Some of the musings of our foreparents are true, even though they may not have understood why.

It is easier to draw a fly with honey than vinegar.

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Pastor Newman


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