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Frances Wade

Dr. John Allen Newman, Senior Pastor
A great church is led by a great Pastor who teaches and preaches a great congregation about a great God.
A pastor is an ordained leader of a Christian congregation. The word was derived from the Latin name 'pastor' which means 'Shepherd'. It is related to the role of elder in the New Testament.  The pastor is supported in the administration of the ministry and he functions as the director of operations of the business and the Bible Expositor/Teacher/Preacher/Counselor of The Sanctuary @ Mt. Calvary.
In order to be effective, the Pastor has a strong team of people with diverse talents and resources who work with him to bring the vision to pass.
Frances Wade

Frances Wade is a volunteer with our front-office staff and serves the ministry as secretary/receptionist.  After a career in the corporate arena, Ms. Wade joined our ministry and was eager to lend her expertise in areas of data entry.  Her responsibilities include the entry and upating of information partners, visitors and friends of the minstry.  She is the initial point of contact for new partners and schedules orientation and follow-up meetings as appropriate.  She and her husband, Joe (a member of our Security ministry) are proud partners of the ministry.



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